Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Work in AirAsia?

Plan to work in AirAsia?

Below are some information that you might need to know:-

Disclaimer: Kindly be informed that the information given here are only based on my experience and AirAsia will not take any responsibility to any of this.

1) Certificate is not a priority. Good experiences can always be considered. 

2) Attire. This might be the best thing in AirAsia. You are free to wear anything you like. Jacket, T-Thirt, round-neck shirt, jeans, Korean Style, Hip-Hop style. But still, you have to look casual and you attire should suitable for the office. Uniform is only for the operation staff like pilot, cabin crew, and ground handler. 

3) Office concept. Open office. The current office is like this. I was really shocked when I first enter the office. There are so many people in one department. But there are actually many department in one place. Minimize the partition. Maximize the space.

4) The bosses. I am referring this to all the CEO's. There are really nice and you can easily see them walking around especially Tony Fernandes. Things that you might not really know; Aireen Omar is the CEO of AirAsia, Benjamin Ismail is the CEO of AirAsia X and Tony Fernandes is the Group CEO. 

5) Festival. There are really good in celebrating any festival. And you get angpau for each festival. 

6) Career development: You can be anything if you want to. If you really want to. Example: My colleague journey in AirAsia: Guest Service (Ground Handler), Cabin Crew and now Customer Care Officer. Just within 5 years. Interesting right?

7) Tony. Tony is like a celebrity in AirAsia. Everyone likes him. 

Thank you. 

*I am no longer with AirAsia because I can't really work in the office. And it's tough

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